Responsive imageTired of working in the kitchen while you miss the dinner party in the dining room?

My mission: Create memorable meals for your loved ones and friends, using only fresh, grade A foods and high-quality ingredients, eliminating the stress of your having to spend hours over a hot stove.

A home-cooked, comfort-food meal holds a special place in our collective memory. Chef Spiro’s customized service delivers on that memory, creating an atmosphere that will delight both you and your guests, without the clamor of a crowded restaurant.

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What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is someone who makes your life simpler. I will shop for the freshest ingredients and come to your home to prepare a meal, pre-approved by you.

Why not order in, or go to a restaurant?

Chef Spiro can provide you with a dining event that will delight both you and your guests, without the hassles of parking, overpriced wine lists and noisy patrons.

What do I need to provide you with?

A working stove top, oven, some space in your refrigerator, and an empty dishwasher



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